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New York Family Law Attorney

The Law Office of David S. Harris has a team of legal experts thoroughly versed in New York Family Law. Since 1998 we have provided comprehensive and unyielding representation to families dealing with Child Custody, Visitation, and Support issues, as well as Family Offense Petitions/Orders of Protection, and Matrimonial (Divorce) actions in the Supreme Court.

Family Law matters are often contentious and emotionally charged, resulting in a great deal of stress and anxiety for involved parties. At the Law Office of David S. Harris, we strive to reach peaceful, respectful solutions whenever possible.


In highly contentious Family Court proceedings and Divorce actions, and other instances where litigation is necessary, our firm is prepared with the experience, legal strategy, and commitment necessary to achieve the best emotional and financial outcome for our clients. 


If you are experiencing any Family Law issues, or are contemplating getting a divorce, please contact the Law Office of David S. Harris today to meet with a highly qualified New York Family Law attorney. Our legal team will respond with the empathy, dedication, and qualifications required to navigate the complexities of your case.

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How a New York Family Law Attorney Can Help



The decision to get a divorce is never easy.  Seeking advice from experienced counsel at the Law Office of David S. Harris is a wise decision. Often, couples find themselves embroiled in protracted legal proceedings that can wreak emotional and financial devastation on their family; but that isn't the only option. 


Our firm supports negotiation, collaborative agreements, and mediation whenever possible, to avoid costly and arduous Court proceedings.  If mediation and settlement attempts fail to produce a solution to your case, a highly qualified divorce lawyer from our office will continue advocating on your behalf through and including a trial, if necessary.  


The Law Office of David S. Harris is committed to offering our clients:


  • Personal and direct attention

  • Thorough and timely responses to your questions and concerns

  • A detailed explanation of legal options and processes suitable to your case

  • Uncompromised support and advocacy of your rights


If you are facing a divorce action, contact the Law Office of David S. Harris today to consult with an experienced New York divorce attorney.



Child Custody & Visitation


The seriousness of child custody and parental visitation rights issues can easily cause parties to lose perspective and forget that the child’s emotional and physical welfare is the top priority. 


Partner with an experienced child custody attorney at the Law Offices of David S. Harris to ensure your child custody action proceeds with care and understanding. Offering a firm legal perspective and sensitivity to potential outcomes, we help our clients navigate physical and legal custody arrangements in the best interests of minor children. 


  • In New York, physical custody is specific to the primary residence of the child. In contrast, legal custody pertains to a parent’s rights to make decisions regarding their child’s health, religion, and education.


  • A parent in New York can be awarded either physical or legal custody, or both, in warranted situations.  Negotiating child custody arrangements requires the skill and knowledge of a Family Law attorney versed in parental rights and child custody law. 


Visitation or parenting time allows a parent who does not live with the child the ability to visit on a consistent and regular basis. If the Court decides Visitation, it will create a schedule based upon the best interests of the child. Prior to taking that drastic step, our office will attempt to negotiate a reasonable visitation schedule outside of Court


Contact the Law Office of David S. Harris to speak with a New York family law attorney who will advocate for you and your child.


Child Support


Consulting a New York lawyer skilled in negotiating child support is critical at the outset, and seeking advice from an attorney at The Law Office of David S. Harris should be your first step.


New York mandates that both parents financially provide for minor children. Unfortunately, determining the amount of financial support owed by each party is a complex process involving several considerations, including the income of the parents, child care considerations and other add-ons, including health, dental and vision insurance and extracurricular activities. 


Sometimes, payors manipulate reported income to reduce or eliminate child support, and recipients might fail to disclose earned income to increase or maintain child support payments.  These are all factors we consider when assessing potential child support Orders.


Whether you are considering pursuing a new child support proceeding or seeking to modify an existing Order, we can help determine the amount of financial support owed to you, or by you. Schedule an appointment with an experienced member of the David S. Harris legal team today.

Family Offense Petitions/Orders of Protection


High-conflict divorce and child custody proceedings often involve requests for Orders of Protection and/or restricted or limited visitation Orders. Such orders have a significant impact on the parties involved.


If you or your child are victims of domestic abuse, you need to take immediate steps to secure your safety.  Reaching out to a Family Law attorney at the Law Office of David S. Harris is vital when seeking a Protective Order against a violent abuser.


We can file a Petition seeking 1) an Order of Protection against a spouse, former spouse, child’s parent, or any family member threatening the safety and welfare of you or your child or 2) to monitor or restrict visitation


Similarly, if you have been wrongly accused of child abuse or domestic violence, we will staunchly defend you against false allegations and restraining orders.  Contact our office today to schedule your appointment with a skilled Family Law attorney. 


Grandparent Rights

If you are a grandparent seeking to maintain a relationship with your grandchildren but are being prevented from doing so, the Law Office of David S. Harris is committed to helping you.


The relationship between a child and an involved grandparent is uniquely special and should be safeguarded at all costs. Sometimes family relationships erode, leading to the alienation of a grandparent from a grandchild. This separation can be devastating for both the child and the grandparent. 


Situations of divorce, unfit parenting, or parental abandonment highlight the significance of broader familial bonds between children and their extended families. As a grandparent, you might have rights to both visitation and perhaps custody of your grandchild if deemed in the best interest of the child.


To learn more about grandparent visitation and custody rights, reach out to an experienced attorney at the Law Office of David S. Harris today.


Why Choose the Law Office of David S. Harris?


The Law Office of David S. Harris specializes in navigating New York Family Law and advocating for the best interests of our clients.  We approach every task with understanding and compassion while providing expert legal guidance in each unique case. We are here to support and advise you as you face the challenges of resolving Family Law disputes and your attempt to create a new future for yourself and your loved ones.


You don’t have to face complicated Family Law matters alone. Contact the dedicated David S. Harris legal team to partner with experienced attorneys who will fight ardently for your rights.

Contact us today for a consultation.

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